Marina Policies

For the orderly use of the marina by all slip holders thereof, the boat owner agrees to abide by the rules of conduct & terms of agreement:

Terms of Agreement

  1. This agreement is for the use of DOCKAGE SPACE ONLY! Such space is to be used at the sole risk of the owner. The owner is responsible for the safety & conduct of his/her guest & family. The marina assumes no responsibility of the care and/or protection of the boat, including his/her gear, equipment, and the contents.
  2. Boat owners are responsible for any damages caused by them or their boats as specified in the lease.
  3. Boats with leaks should be repaired. If it becomes necessary for the marina to pump the boat to prevent damage or loss, the owner will be charged by the hour, with the minimum charge being $75.00.
  4. Children MUST be under immediate supervision of their parents at all times.
  5. There will be NO crabbing or fishing from the docks. You may do so from your boat.
  6. Seasonal time limits are from APRIL 1st to OCTOBER 31st. The extended striper season is an additional $25.00 per week. Deposits are due by October 15 and final payments are due on April 1. If deposit and/or payment in full is not paid by required due date, the marina is relieved of all obligations for retaining dockage for the owner.
  7. As a courtesy to our neighbor & other boaters, noise must be kept to a minimum before 7:30 AM and after 8:30 PM. The running of engines before 7:30 AM is permitted for warm-up purposed only.
  8. Proof of current insurance must be provide prior to April 1st. Failure to produce certificate will result in cancellation of slip.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Slip holder is responsible for their trash. Trash is to be deposited in dumpster, recyclables deposited in cans provided by marina. All cigarettes butts must be put in cigarettes containers, not in water or on ground. Oil containers are not recyclable they must be put in dumpster.
  2. All hoses must be equipped with an automatic shut-off nozzle in working condition. Hoses and ropes must be coiled when not in use.
  3. Boat owners shall not store supplies, material or equipment on docks, floats or passageways, & will not construct or install any box, chest or locker type structure. No alterations or additions are permitted to docks or fingers. Bumpers can be purchased in ship store.
  4. Gasoline cans or other flammable products are not permitted on docks.
  5. The owner of the boat is liable for the removal of the boat. If for some reason the boat should sink and the owner does not remove it, the marina reserves the right to have it removed & charge the owner all costs.
  6. The marina reserves the right to terminate this slip rental contract if the customer fails to meet the deposit & due dates indicated, or if in the marina's opinion the owner fails to comply with any of above rules & regulations. If the slip rental agreement is terminated, deposits shall be forfeited.
  7. The parking lot is for the use of the boat owners vehicles only. One car per slip. Guests must park on street.
  8. Bathrooms and showers are for the marina tenants only.
  9. Boat toilets are to be emptied by Pump Out Station.
  10. Boat owners using air conditioners must turn them off when leaving the boat.
  11. Dogs must be leashed at all times. Owners must clean up after the dog.
  12. The marina reserves the right to assign slips according to boat length & beam.
  13. The marina has the right to board or move the owner's boat if it become necessary.
  14. Disorderly conduct by the slip holder, his guest or crew will not be tolerated, slip contract will be cancelled.
  15. The marina reserves the right form time to time to establish additional rules & regulations to provide for a safer marina.

We feel that if everyone abides by these rules and regulations, our family marina will remain a safe and happy place to enjoy.